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Monday, June 22, 2009


Read carefully friends and family because I'm about to tell you something VERY exciting......
I'M ENGAGED!!!!!! And I must add that I'm getting married to the most wonderful, most caring, most loving man. Tyler and I are so lucky to have Deke.
OK so here's how he did it.....Deke and I love to read, we try to spend a little bit of time each night reading together. I was just finishing up on a very inspiring book called The Wednesday Letters, its a book about a father who wrote letters to his wife every Wednesday throughout their entire marriage (short and sweet version). In the back of the book there is a glued letter titled epilogue (this all ties in to the proposal, I swear). So I finish the last page of my book and announced that I finally get to read that glued letter in the back. I open it up and pull out not one but two letters. Needless to say I was a little confused...I pick up the letter I didn't recognize and opened it up to find "KIMBERLY HYDE WILL YOU MARRY ME". At first I thought it was a joke but when I looked up Deke was on one knee with my BEAUTIFUL ring. (BIG sigh)... I of course said YES and haven't stopped smiling since :D Life is good.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tyler's Tball 2009

Tyler's team this year is the Yankee's and he's FINALLY enjoying it. Last year he hated tball, he constantly tried to walk off the field to go to the playground. This year he's excited to be on the field and tries really hard to get involved in the game. YAY!

This was funny, Tyler accidentally took his mitt up to bat so he stuck it between his legs and tried to bat like that. It was a cute solution.

Every time Tyler reaches home plate he stands there anticipating some sort of recognition. He doesn't walk back until someone cheers for him or gives him a high five.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Deke's Graduation From The Fire Academy!


So cute in his turn-outs I MY FIREMAN
I'm not sure what Deke's doing here but I'm going to pretend he's serenading me. Awww how romantical ;)

Getting his sweet badge

He's so much taller than everyone else, I love it.

They did several demonstrations after the ceremony, it was pretty cool.

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