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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Caribbean cruise!

Deke and I went on our first ever cruise! And what better way to sail than through the Caribbean? Oh my how it was wonderful. We left from Miami, Florida and stopped in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas - St. Thomas, Virgin Islands - Grand Turk, Turk and Caicos Islands - and San Juan, Puerto Rico. We learned SO much about cruising and will list our notes in a later post. For now here are some of our pictures! 

The Bahamas had the most beautiful, pristine beaches. The white sand was like powdered sugar - light and fluffy! 

 We found a pirate ship in the Caribbean! Arg! 

 The water color was beyond words. So beautiful! 
 We loved coming back to our room every night to turned down sheets, mints on our pillows, and cute little towel animals! 
 They had a newlywed game (even though we've been married for two years) and got to participate. Only 3 couples were selected out of 3,500 guests! Good thing my hubby knows how to work a crowd! Here is our prize. 
 Formal night! It was the only night I wore makeup and did my hair the entire week! 

 We found a fire department in the Virgin Islands. They were kind enough to show us their department and take a picture with Deke. 

 What a great spot to read a great book. Ahhhh... lovely. 

I love this picture. It was in a dungeon in El Morro where a caption was held captive. 

While in Puerto Rico we visited Fort San Felipe Del Morro and Fort San Cristobal. It was so interesting learning about the history there. 

 Front view of El Morro 
 Party on deck! 

 We spent a lot of time in these chairs on the boat. They were perfect for afternoon naps! 
 We even got to learn how to make our own towel animals! So fun! 
 Iguanas everywhere! 

All-in-all it was a fabulous trip. We are now in love with cruising, even though we think cruises are slave ships.  Thats definitely for another post! lol 
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fishing is part of our spring!

 We try to take Tyler fishing often but probably not often enough. We have a cute little lake about a mile from our house and we need to utilize it more often! 
I love how he tilts his head to one side just like Forest Gump. 

 One of the things I love about spring at the lake is seeing all the cute baby geese. Too bad they grow up to be vicious nasty hissing beasts. Oh well! 

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers day 2011

"Teach me well, my little one...
To cherish the moments I have with you,
for all too soon
they will swiftly pass away.

Remind me to pause and touch
your soft, small cheek,
to marvel at the innocence in your eyes
and the perfect beauty of your face.

Show me how to treasure more the miracle
that life has given me in you,
to complain less about and praise more
the boundless things you're sure to do.

In the stillness of the night,
when you wake me from my slumber,
help me to realize how truly blessed I am
to be able to hold you next to my breast
to comfort and cradle you close to my heart.

And as the seasons pass away,
may I never look back in regret
at what may have been.
May I instead leave a legacy
for you to follow
as you in turn will one day welcome
a little one of your very own."
Author: Linda E. Knight

 I cherish the cards Tyler makes for me. It proves that even the small things don't go unnoticed with our children - small things like school supplies :) 

Here is the "breakfast" Deke made for me - delicious crepes. Although, with the homemade custard and chocolate it was more like a breakfast dessert :) 
Tulips are my absolute favorite! 

My new Juicy Couture charm 
All-in-all it was a fabulous mothers day. I am so grateful for the men in my life who make me feel appreciated, loved, and special. ♥
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