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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

For spring break this year we visited Las Vegas. While there we went to Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and Saint George Utah. It was a week FILLED with driving but it was super fun. Here are some pictures from the trip :)

Here is a picture of the one and only time we went out on the strip at night (without Tyler of course). The city was fine during the day but definitely not "family oriented" at night.

One of the sleeping lions at the MGM hotel.
We hiked Red Rock Canyon one afternoon. It's about 30 minutes outside of Vegas and very beautiful.

This was the night we picked Deke up from the airport (almost 3 days into the trip). He wasn't able to drive in with us because of fire fighting, I was so happy he was able to come at all!
Hoover Dam! Quite a marvelous creation. I wish we could of taken a Dam tour but it was $30 a person! Definitely not in our budget. I would love to do it someday though.

We drove 5 hours out of Vegas to visit the beautiful Grand Canyon! Totally worth the long drive. :)

Once parking at the Grand Canyon you take a very short walk through some trees and BAM, there it is. I wondered what it would of been like to be the first to discover such a majestic wonder. To me it almost looked like a marvelous ground to heaven painting placed mysteriously in the middle of no where. The word "Grand" is an understatement to this incomprehensible natural beauty.
The boys messing around ;) Tyler's such a good little actor.
Me admiring the best view in the world. Or at least the best I've yet :)

This was the show we saw while in Vegas. The Tournament of Kings is similar to a Medieval Times show. It was jaw dropping AH-MAZING! If you are ever in Vegas I highly suggest seeing this show! Audiences of all ages will enjoy this entertainment!

We had front/center seats. Best in the house for such royalty ;)

Our country was Austria, obviously haha

Merlin even sat with us during dinner. Like I said, best seats!

This was the meal they presented to us after we had consumed our "dragon soup", aka tomato soup. Everything was to be eaten with hands, absolutely so utensils aloud! It was kinda fun eating like barbarians and I was really grateful they had provided wet-naps after the meal.

After the show we headed over to the arcade where we ran into MARIE OSMAND! Tyler sat next to her and played this game. I really tried to get a good shot of them playing but she wouldn't cooperate. :-/

We went to Saint George Utah to see the temple and to visit family and friends.

This is Tyler with his second cousin Ivan along with his pet bird, Little Blue.

Back in Vegas this is how you would find Tyler at any point during the day. He's not much for walking.

These are the fountains in front of the new Wynn Hotel.

And of course what would be a trip to Vegas if we didn't stop by the Bellagio hotel to see the water show. We saw about 4 or 5 very peaceful performances of which I could of stood and watched all day.

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