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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Girls weekend in Denver

My sister Cynthia lives in Wyoming and she has been talking about us girls meeting in Denver, Colorado for a girls weekend and last weekend we FINALLY did it! At first Cynthia only thought my other sister Heather was able to make it but a few weeks before the date I purchased my plane ticket and surprised her at the airport. We were there for 4 days and had a ton of fun. I mentioned that the next time we do this we should meet up in New York, wouldn't that be awesome?! 

This was Broderick's first time on a plane. He did okay but being in business class going there and back helped. Babies need their space and so do I. lol 

Soaking up the scenery on our way to the hotel 

What's girls weekend without shopping? I guess you can say this is "our store". 

We got a lot of Juicy between the three of us. 

Baby just loves to eat those toes! 

How many takes to get a picture without someone laughing? 

Ok, I'm the worst offender 


Driving to Colorado Springs for the day 

"Garden of the Gods"

The Balancing Rock

The drive up towards "7 Falls"

I love sunsets ♥

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween costume photo shoot

How many attempts does it take to get a decent picture? When you're taking a picture with a baby it takes many many shots and lots of patients! Some of baby's faces in these pictures are priceless but this first one is my favorite (hence it's the only one I edited).

The master chef preparing his evening special - Delicious lobster! 

My little lobster ♥

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

I have been told for years that I must take the family over to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm out in Wheatland, CA. We finally made it over there this year! It was about an hour drive and reminded me of Apple Hill and Fairytale Town mixed together. They had caramel apples, train rides, slides, a petting zoo, a corn maze, hay rides, forts, and lots of photo opportunities! 

Broderick's first train ride

Tyler on the train

I convinced him to sit with us. 

One pregnant sister sitting in front of us and another pregnant sister sitting behind us lol 

The train on the move

Slide F-U-N! 


Broderick was asleep when we took this picture.. probably not the best idea 

Tyler found his pumpkin! 

My little pumpkins 

Always have to get that family photo! 

My little niece Kyla

 My little Englishman 

What's a farm without a tractor! 

Ready for the long drive home!

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm was fun but my heart still belongs to Apple Hill. ♥
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