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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day trip to Lake Tahoe!

Can you see us? We are up in the Tea House on the island in Emerald Bay
What a stud!
Man, I need a tan.

Watch out for that hair!

Kimmi, Tyler, me, and David in front of Vikings House

Make a wish!

We all went up to Lake Tahoe for the day to play on my uncle's boat. We boated to Emerald Bay and just played there for a few hours. The weather was beautiful! We hiked up to the Tea House which is on the little island. We also walked around Viking's House, I wanted to take the tour inside but I had no money in my bathing suit :-(
We had a wonderful time, Tyler especially enjoyed it. I however, got extremely sunburned...this was no bueno. I put sun screen on twice but that didn't seem to help. Oh well...Till next time!

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