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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day trip to Lake Tahoe!

Can you see us? We are up in the Tea House on the island in Emerald Bay
What a stud!
Man, I need a tan.

Watch out for that hair!

Kimmi, Tyler, me, and David in front of Vikings House

Make a wish!

We all went up to Lake Tahoe for the day to play on my uncle's boat. We boated to Emerald Bay and just played there for a few hours. The weather was beautiful! We hiked up to the Tea House which is on the little island. We also walked around Viking's House, I wanted to take the tour inside but I had no money in my bathing suit :-(
We had a wonderful time, Tyler especially enjoyed it. I however, got extremely sunburned...this was no bueno. I put sun screen on twice but that didn't seem to help. Oh well...Till next time!

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Yay! Good job on the blog Kim! I hope you update it a lot and put a lot of sexy pictures of yourself on so that I can show them to all of my "prospects".

Sara and Ry-baby said...

Kim!!! I love it! You're blog is adorable! I dont know what you're talkin dont need any help with it! ha! Tahoe looked like fun! I've always wanted to go to the little building on top of the island in Emerald Bay! And, your son is gorgeous! Serious! We need to get our boys into modeling!

Kim and Tyler said...

Thanks Sara!
I tried to get Tyler into modeling through the John Robert Powers agency but they wanted him to take classes that were way too expensive for me. Besides I really cant drive him to San Francisco and LA as often as they wanted. Oh well...he's a star to me!

Kdutch said...

We had such a blast in Tahoe! I'm still pilling! Thanks for the fun time beautiful! Can't wait for the next one! Much smiles ;D

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