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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Elephant themed baby shower

 My sister wanted a elephant theme for her baby shower and let me tell you, there isn't much out there for an elephant themed shower! We had to get super creative to pull this one off and I think we succeeded.

Here is the elephant cake. Strawberry cake with butter cream frosting and marshmallow fondant. The "E" on top stands for Elizabeth. I used a elephant cookie cutter for the cake and the party favors. Here is the link to that cutter.

Here is the diaper cake my sister made. She made the elephant topper out of wash clothes and added little eyes.
Our colors were light pink and gray. I loved that we could find kisses in our colors.

And of course we made pom poms to decorate the dinning room!

We thought it would be funny to have a sign that said "drop your load here" for the presents to keep with the elephant theme, but I guess that wouldn't of been classy.
 The food!

Here is one of the counters we decorated. 
Although this will be my sisters second child, it's still nice to get advice!

Here are the party favors. Little elephant sugar cookies. Yummy!

Here is the mantel. We took some of my mama's baby pictures and made them black and white, added flowers and a sign. Loves it.

Some fun elephant decorations!

Here is the game we played. "Do you have an elephant memory" game. More about that game HERE 

Here is something I made to add to the elephant decor. I took a large frame that I got at the thrift store and painted it gray. I then free-handed the elephants onto pink scrapbook paper and cute it out. I put the cut-out onto white poster board and put it in the frame. I thought it turned out quite cute.

My little niece was so cute in her pink dress and elephant clip. Totally representing our theme!

Sandwiched in between my two pregnant sisters. The mama of honor is on the left. 

I can't take a serious picture 

Ok, maybe I can

The bellies! 

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Do you have an elephant memory? Baby shower game

Have you ever heard that an elephant never forgets? It's true, elephants have amazing memories and since my sisters baby shower theme was elephants I used that fun fact towards the game. "Do you have an elephant memory?", matching game. I used pregnancy and baby phrases to created a matching game board. With each match the winner would get a corresponding candy bar. Below are the phrases and candy I used. I only used 15 but I'm sure there are lots more to be thought of!

  1. 12 pound baby - Whoopers
  2. First Trimester - Rocky Road
  3. Delivery Doctor - Butterfingers
  4. Baby's arrival - Pay Day
  5. Hospital bill - 100 grand
  6. Deciding baby's name - Whatchamacallit 
  7. Umbilical cord - Red vines
  8. Mommy's lunch break - Reese's fast break (or Take 5 if you can find it) 
  9. Day Care - Sour Patch Kids (or sugar babies)
  10. Baby acne - Dots
  11. Baby Lullaby - Symphony Bar
  12. Hospital Nurses - Sweetarts
  13. Breastfeeding - Milky Ways
  14. Babies 1st giggle - Snickers
  15. Epidural - Lifesavers 

I found that there are lots of candy bars that are really hard to find and I had to alter the answers a bit based on what I could find. For example, I couldn't find Take 5 and Sugar babies anywhere so I replaced them with Fast Break and Sour Patch Kids. Ultra sound was a phrase I also wanted to use but couldn't find a LOOK! bar so I had to remove that completely. 

I used one of our invitations to trace and cut out each elephant. You can find them HERE.

I loved the elephant decor 

Playing the game! It was a huge hit! 

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Homemade bow holder

My sister is pregnant with her first girl and as one of her baby shower gifts I made her this bow holder. "E" for Elizabeth! 

This letter is from Hobby Loddy; scrapbook paper and ribbon is from Michaels. 

Another one I made found HERE

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