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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Tyler Day!

Because I work so dang hard I decided to take Friday off to spend with Tyler. We slept in nice and long and then made some yummy chocolate chip pancakes (his favorite). We then got ready and headed out for the Sacramento Zoo, Yay! I had been telling him all the while that we were going to see the new penguin exhibit and we were all really excited about that. We got there and walked around for a while and saw no penguins. So we looked at the zoo map and guess what? No penguins! I thought maybe they hadn't updated the maps yet so Deke went and asked a zoo worker if there even was a penguin exhibit. We were then informed that there WAS a penguin exhibit but they took it out some time ago. Disappointment! Well, Tyler really didn't care too much but I did! The zoo worker preceded to tell us that we could see 4 of the penguins that were in the exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo....oh goodie. I'm taking Tyler to the San Diego Zoo in December so he will just have wait until then to see some penguins (OK, I will have to wait). After we got our fill of the stinky zoo animals, we went to Costco for some lunch. Gotta love polish hot dogs and soda for $1.50! Our last activity of the day was going to see the play "Annie", put on by the El Dorado County theater. We all really enjoyed it and thought that the kids did an amazing job. It would have been better if Tyler wasn't snorting the whole time...don't ask me why, the kid is weird sometimes. I think in the end Tyler had a great day. Being a working mother can be very difficult and I cherish days like this one!

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PinkSugar said...

you inspired me to blog... I probably never will but still thanks for the inspiration.
Love Alli

PinkSugar said...

Okay I want to add you but I don't know how haha. Show me how do to it. Thanks Sister.

Sara Marie said...

You guys are darling! Fun day!!


You deserve a day off! I love the sac zoo! (still dont know what im having...)Sounds like things are going good for you! I always get the scoop from my mom after your mom visit teaches her. Ha Ha!

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