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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A late Thanksgiving post

I hope everyone had a wonderful and feast full Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving was with a smaller bunch than normal, thanks to all the siblings who think its cool to move out of know who you are. But nonetheless it was a great day. We started off by going to the Folsom Zoo to see the animals receive their Thanksgiving feast. This is my yearly tradition with Tyler and we never miss it. After that we came home and enjoyed a quiet afternoon playing scrabble and watching "Hook". We had dinner around 4 and of course it was yuuuuummy! It was also my sisters birthday so we had to combine Thanksgiving with birthday party, you know what that means? Lots of dessert!!! I made the pies this year and I was quite proud of myself, as I have never made pie before. Gotta love the Holiday season..and now its time to prepare for Christmas! Dang, how did it come so fast!?!

The food
The small Thanksgiving bunch
My Pie
I was so proud

Bear eating his Thanksgiving feast
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Amy said...

I've never heard of anyone going to the zoo to see the animals get a special Thanksgiving meal before. What a great tradition! I had no idea bears would eat pumpkins. I bet they would like pumpkin pie even more. Sounds like a fun day. I love zoos.

It IS cool to move out of state. The freedom to do your own thing is nice, although it can get lonely too. Having to spend Thanksgiving AND Christmas just the two of us again this year is kind of depressing me. I am hoping that once I get a real tree and decorate my apartment, I will cheer up a bit.

I must say, and I hope it won't hurt her feeling if she reads this, but moving further away from home seems to have really been a good growing experience for Cynthia and her family. Living further away really forces you to grow up a lot and allows you to be more of an individual. I experienced that too. It's sort of freeing. I think everyone should live at least a few states away from their families at some point in their lives. You find out what you are really made of. And, you are free to start your own little traditions if you want, or like Alan and I, throw tradition completely out the window sometimes and do different things all the time.

miktro said...
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miktro said...

Mmmmmm, The pie was hecka grubbin', no joke!! Kim's got mad pie makin' skills!!! I can attest to it :)

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