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Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and New Years 2008

I hope everyone had a Fan-tab-ulous Holiday! I am a little late in this post due to technical difficulties but better late than never right? So in this post there are pictures from Dovewood Court (looking at lights), Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, and New Years Eve. Here is a little taste of what our Holiday looked like....

Christmas Eve!

Tyler with his cousin Jonathan
Our 20 foot tree
Being silly after the kids went to bed

Christmas Morning

Gotta love a face like that on Christmas morning!
Tyler's new bike from Santa!

New Years Eve!!!

Hot Mom club

Our drink of choice...Go Girl!
I love my girls!
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Sara Marie said...

I love you!!! I am so glad for all our good times!!!!!!

Amy said...

Cute pics! It looks like you've been having lots of fun! I MUST know where your friend Sara got that fantastic scarf. Can ya find out for me, please?

miktro said...

Man, this holiday season has been fun, Thanks to Ms. Hyde ;) I'm getting your mom's recipe for that breakfast that she made by the way. I still think about those pancake thingys!!!! Soooo good!!!

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