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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last weekend the SacYSA had an Oscar's night. We left the house thinking we looked rather good, well who am I kidding we DID look rather good...but once we arrived I was feeling a little under dressed. Most of the men were wearing tuxedos and the girls were in gowns/prom dresses. We walked down a red carpet, had our pictures taken by the "paparazzi", they even had a red carpet reporter asking everyone who they were wearing. Once settled in our seats we watched 10 movies that were made by members of the YSA district. Following that they of course had an award ceremony which included a controversy over a "inappropriate" movie but we won't go there. And what would the Oscars be without an AFTER PARTY! The "after party" basically consisted of music and visiting while people cleaned up all the tables and was swankin. In the end it really was a fun evening but next time I will be wearing a gown for sure! I love opportunities to dress formal! ;D
Deke, me, Sara, and Dyston
Our cheesy prom pose
After the after party.
Deke dancing with his younger, yet bigger brother.

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Lisa said...

How fun! You looked gorgeous.

BradandBrittney said...

Looks like you had a great time! You guys look so happy sand cute together.. i love it! Hey can you get on alli's blog? I used to be able to but she made it private. If you can tell her i cant get on. and to put me the crap on there!

Kim and Tyler said...

Hey Britz! I asked Alli about her blog and she said she was going to make a different blog because she wasn't satisfied with the current one. I'll let you know once I find out what it is! ;)

Anonymous said...

kimmy! lookie you and your lil "toe point!" youre such a celeb!

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