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Sunday, April 12, 2009

6 Flags Discovery Kingdom!

Friday afternoon we had a raffle at work and I won a High School Musical Easter basket. The gal that won the six flags tickets ended up not wanting them and asked me to trade with her. I explained to her that it wasn't a fair trade but she didn't care because she wouldn't use the tickets. SO I got two tickets to 6 flags AND $20 of food vouchers! We of course went the very next day because Deke actually had the day off from the fire academy. The weather was beautiful and it was nice spending some much needed time with Deke. He's been so busy with work, school, and the fire academy that we haven't spend a whole lot of time together. It ended up being a really fun day!

♥ We got some snuggling in while waiting in the long lines ♥
This cute little penguin followed Deke's finger along the glass.
Petting the Sting Ray's

In line for one of the water ride....all smiles.
After the water ride...all wet, I'm not smiling. :(

I like to think that he was blowing kisses at us.

We got blue tongues from a snow cone we had while waiting for the whale show to start.
One of the many sweet tricks.

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Lisa said...

Lucky girl! I'm taking my kids next month for a field trip- can't wait.

Brooke Trogdon said...

We did that the day after Joe proposed, it was lots of fun. Oh and the penguin did the same thing as well for us. It was AWESOME! I love little gettaways

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