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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Gardens Progress

This is our little pea plant. We planted at least 20 seeds and only about 5 grew. We're kinda amateur with this whole gardening thing.
The first row are carrots, the second row are broccoli, and that little lonesome plant to the far left is a string bean plant that Tyler gave me for mother's day.
Our lemon tree has flowers! Good sign!!!
We planted this lemon tree last summer and its already grown several feet.
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Lisa said...

Way to go, Kim! Your garden look great. FYI, the sugar snap peas will need a trellace at some point, otherwise they will start intertwining with each other. Gardening is so rewarding.

Lisa said...

...oops, I mean LOOKS great.

Amy said...

I'm so jealous of your peas. Did I mention that before? I really want to grow peas and repeat Mendel's experiments. Gardening + experimentation = BOOM, your the father of genetics! How awesome would that be? Why can't my experiments include a garden and make me famous?

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