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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tyler's Tball 2009

Tyler's team this year is the Yankee's and he's FINALLY enjoying it. Last year he hated tball, he constantly tried to walk off the field to go to the playground. This year he's excited to be on the field and tries really hard to get involved in the game. YAY!

This was funny, Tyler accidentally took his mitt up to bat so he stuck it between his legs and tried to bat like that. It was a cute solution.

Every time Tyler reaches home plate he stands there anticipating some sort of recognition. He doesn't walk back until someone cheers for him or gives him a high five.

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1 comment:

Amy Beatty said...

I love love love your top photo. Such a handsome couple and your little guy is dang cute. I can't believe he is in Tball. I feel like the last time I saw you, he was in your tummy- thats not really true. But it seems like it!

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