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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tyler's First Day of the 1st Grade!

Tyler's teacher is Mrs. Fritts and he's enjoying it so far. He's not used to the early schedule just yet (kindergarten was in the afternoon) but he's transitioning nicely.
I woke Tyler up early so I could get him ready for his first day before I went to work. As you can see he's total zombie status right here. lol
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Angee @ Donation Station said...

hes totally muggin dude. look how fricken awesome his first day of school outfit is! my outfits were always lame. i have destroyed every single school pic of me! i was awful! lol

Tricia said...

What a cutie Tyler is! I hope he had a great first day of school! :)

Amy said...

I agree, that is a sweet outfit. Especially love the Cons!

But, holy backpack batman! They don't carry books back and forth too much at that age do they? If that thing was full, it would weigh more than him and he'd just tip over on his back! I'm sure glad that my backpack doesn't come up to my mid-thigh!

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