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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tyler's family birthday party!

I am kinda ashamed to say that Tyler had 3 birthday parties this year. I know, he's WAY too spoiled but I guess that's what happens when he has so much family. The first party was with his friends, the second was with his dad and family, and the third was with my family. Here are the pictures of our family party :)
Tyler shaved for the occasion

I tried something new this year and made GIGANTIC cupcakes, I thought they turned out pretty cute.
I made homemade pizza for dinner, YUM!


He really wanted to put his face in the cake.

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BradandBrittney said...

Lily had those huge cupcakes for her first birthday! Arent they fun! But yours look WAY better than mine did hahah!

BradandBrittney said...

Oh yeah... Happy birthday TYLER!! Your really the cutest kid Ive have ever seen. A little MODEL

Lisa said...

I LOVE that giant cupcake! I think I'll try one for one of our upcoming Birthdays. Did you use a bowl for the top?

The Madsen's said...

I bought the cupcake pan from Target for about 28 bucks. Totally cute and worth every penny!

Tricia said...

That is the coolest birthday cake ever!!! Was all you did was buy a pan to cook it in?

The Madsen's said...

Yeah it cooks just like a regular cake and then I frosted it...that was a little tougher than a normal cake tho. Plus its a bit harder to cut.

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