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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Reunion 2010


At the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
I even found some girlfriends in Utah! Lindsay and Sara :)

This was the day I got my endowments out at the SLC temple.
I was told that we have 91 descendants just from my grandparents, Blaine and Luana Larson. This is part of them...not everyone was able to make it. We still have a great turn out!
Trying to get a picture of the great grandchildren of Blaine and Luana. It was difficult lol
Tyler with his second cousins Ivan, Brian, and first cousin Jenna.
Here are the children of Blaine and Luana along with their spouses. They had 7 children, starting from the right (oldest to youngest) Joni, Diana, Dennis, Susie, Noel, Colleen, and Kirk.
Some of the grandchildren of Blaine and Luana along with spouses.

I love how they wrote Mr. Heather Hyde and Mr. Kimberly Hyde on their name tags. Silly boys.

Tyler is AMAZING at hula-hooping! He must get that talent from Grandma!
Tyler and Ivan enjoying the Provo 4th of July Parade. Ivan is holding the metal he won running his first race that morning. We were all very proud of him!
Some of the kids (and Tiffany) enjoying the parade on the curb.
Tyler is holding my cousin Tiffany's son Lil' Tom. He was so cute and we were all fighting over him!

Deke's turn with Lil' Tom. He's such a pro with babies ;-D

Eating dinner at my Aunt Diana's house in Orem.

Deke blowing bubbles for the kids....aaaand Jonathan trying to eat them. :-/

Tyler, Travis, and mischievous Jenna! They couldn't wait to tackle those water balloons!

I love how my brother-in-law Josh is photo-bombing us!

Filling up the water balloons!

The kids had races in the wobble cars!

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Tricia said...

That reunion was so fun. I am so glad that you and Bryan got the ball rolling on that. We will have to have many more in the future.

Lisa said...

So you went through the temple?! Congratulations!

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