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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My secrets out...

I feel so behind in my big announcement post, especially since my secret has been out of the box for one whole week now! Deke and I discovered we are expecting a little peanut in the spring... yes that's a pregnancy test from the dollar store. Two lines means POSITIVE! 
I called the doctor a few days later and she said she wouldn't see me until I was 10 weeks along. I didn't want to make any announcements until I saw her because I have had little to NO symptoms and needed the confirmation that there was indeed something brewing. 
I shouldn't complain but a little nausea would of made it feel real. But here I am 11 weeks pregnant and still no morning sickness. *Knock on wood*

About 5 days before my appointment I was out to lunch with my sister and mom and got this fortune cookie. (sorry for the horrible quality, it was taken with my phone)
I felt it was a hit ya over the head sign that I should tell them right there and then. So I did. After the squeals of excitement my mom says "I can't believe you told us in a Panda Express!"... I had to mom, the fortune cookie told me to! 

We finally made it to the doctor and to our surprise she wanted to take an ultra sound! I was not expecting this but she likes to get the exact measurements for an accurate due date. This was a treat! 
While taking the measurements the doctor stated that she had never seen a baby in such a perfect position and sit to perfectly for measurement. My response, "So I'll finally have a well behaved child?!?" YES!
Due date May 7th
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Nikki said...

Love $1 store pregnancy tests! Why pay a fortune for the same results! We are so excited for you guys. Between you and Deke you guys are going to have majorly gorgeous child! I'm voting GIRL!

Kristen said...

I hear the $1 pregnancy tests work from more than 1 person. Way to be frugal. Congratulations to both you and Deke.

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