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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Well Christmas has come and gone and now we prepare to start a new year. The month of December has been a joyous one full of tradition and special moments. I apologize for bundling it all in one post but I will claim I was too busy even though laziness played a part as well. Here are our December highlights:

Broderick learned several new tricks this month - clapping, waving, and saying da-da. He has also become a little faster at army crawling.

Tyler enjoyed a train ride at the holiday festival in Cameron Park. The train was also "robbed" by some dirty bandits, it was quite a show! 

Here is our little 12 footer. It's normally several feet taller than this.

View of the some of the decorations. It takes days to put up and days to take down! 

I of course did lots of baking. Here are the reindeer heads I made out of gingerbread  The recipe I use calls for butterscotch pudding mix instead of molasses. Its my fav! RECIPE 
Broderick loved the Christmas tree. I had him upstairs with me and he army crawled over to the banister to get a better view. It was so cute! 

I made this cute little elf craft that I saw on pinterest

Here are a few pictures from our ward Christmas party where the boys got to see Santa. Broderick didn't quite know what to think of him.

Beard test

I couldn't get Broderick to take his eyes off of Santa. 

Daddy liked to joke that Broderick's hat was a Christmas yamaka. It was supposed to be a "elf" hat which is why it looks so tiny. 

 He was enthralled with daddy's hair. 

Here we are on Christmas Sunday.  It was just the two of us since Deke had to work and Tyler was at his dads. Broderick loves his life sized Santa. See them holding hands?

And then we have Christmas Eve! This is the evening where my whole family comes together for a delicious ham dinner and gift exchange.



Kyla helped Broderick opens his presents while he ate the paper.

This was Tyler's excited face to get the game "hedbanz"

What would Christmas Eve be without an assortment of goodies! 

Santa came! 

Broderick checking out his stocking

Santa brought Tyler his very own camera. 

 Skylander Giants!! 

 Christmas morning is a beautiful mess

What the boys got for each other 

Tyler pushing Broderick around the house in this new Micky Mouse stroller 

Tyler helping make Christmas breakfast

Always have to have puff pancakes! Or what some would call German pancake

And of course we skyped with family who couldn't be with us this year. 

Christmas day was also a milestone for Broderick as he turned 9 months old!

the end
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1 comment:

Amy said...

Too much to comment on! It looks like you all had a beautiful holiday!

Alan mentioned that puff pancake at 10:45 pm on Christmas Eve, just before every grocery store around closed. There wasn't much I could do for him at that point, obviously. I've never made it. Would you mind sending me the recipe? Maybe we could do that for New Year's Day. Or just brunch some weekend.

You look beautiful in all of those pictures! Are you doing something different, color-wise, with your hair?

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