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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Monstrous first birthday!

For Broderick's first birthday we had a "monster bash". It was fun to plan and come up with different ways to make it cute and fun yet simple for a first birthday party. 

Here is the 3 tier monster cake I made. The top layer is the "smash cake" but I thought it looked better on the cake rather than off to the side. 

I took a picture of the baby each month with numbered ties to show how he's grown. It was fun to look back and see where his hair and skin started to really lighten. I meant to have a poster board to put these pictures on but forgot. The mirror works too I guess. 

I made the happy birthday sign out of scrapbook paper and ribbon. My sister painted those canvas's for her sons bathroom and let me borrow them or the party. They were perfect! That green chair is the one I painted for his first birthday photo shoot seen HERE. 

For party favors I had a candy bar. I collected large baby food jars, painted the lids orange, and glued googly eyes on them. From there everyone could put whatever candy they wanted into the jars and take them home. 

Shots from his photo shoot on display. 

The dining room d├ęcor. I'm digging the vertical streamers. 

Birthday boy with his cheesy smile 

Monster punch! 
present time

What's a party without good food! 

Chicken croissant sandwich's, pasta salad, and fruit kabobs... mmmmmm

 Make a wish!

 The cake was almost as big as him!

Big brother helping him blow out his candle 

It's my party and I can cry if I want to! 

It's tradition for the first birthday to let the baby dig in and make a mess.
Oh boy here we go... 

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Tricia said...

You did a fabulous job on the party. Everything turned out super cute!

Tia @ Events To Celebrate said...

I love the details of this party - especially the baby food jars with googly eyes!!

Tia @ Events To Celebrate said...

What a cute party! I especially love the baby food jars with googly eyes!

Bethany said...

How cute! Looks like everyone had fun, LOVE the cake!

Vicky Nardone said...

What a cute theme! Love how much you made yourself!


RoseMarie said...

Adorable ideas! Especially love the cake and beverage dispenser!

Stephanie said...

Love the monster theme, and the cake looks amazing. I bet it wasn't all that hard to do either.

Lisa said...

What a bash you put on! I can't believe your baby is already 1.

Erica McKearney said...

Very cute monster cake! I love the variety of it.

NjCourtneys Confections said...

Love the monster cake! What size pans did you use??

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