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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple Hill

October 18, 2008: Today Sara, Ryder, Mike, Mason, Deke, Tyler, and myself all went to Apple Hill up in Placerville, the weather was beautiful but it was really crowded. We had lunch at the Apple Cafe and then headed off for pony rides. Tyler was only able to spend about an hour with us before his father came to pick him up, as you can see in the picture below Tyler was really tired. The rest of us had fun relaxing by the pond and eating cream cheese apple pie for the remainder of the afternoon. I LOVE FALL!!!

Kim and sleepy head Tyler in front of the Fudge Factory
Mike, Mason, Deke, Kim, Ryder, and Sara

Deke and Kim - Cool picture huh?

Deke and Kim
Kim and Sara relaxing by the pond
Sara and Kim

Deke and Mike - Should I be worried???
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Sara Marie said...

haha!! It was fun! And that picture of Deke and Mike is ridiculous!!! haha


Who is this Deke guy? He's cute! Where did you meet him? E-mail me!

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