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Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyler!

So I will start off by saying, I can not believe I have a child that's 5 year old!!! It makes me feel so old but oh well. Tyler's birthday was actually yesterday, September 25th however, his friends party was last Saturday. Tyler decided he wanted a Transformers themed party, I thought it was a lame choice but it was his party so his decision. I thought I would tone it down some compared to his party last year. I went way too overboard last year and Tyler actually hated it so this year I kept it simple. We had the party at Cameron Park Lake in the play ground section.
I only invited about 8 kids (last year was 15), they played on the play ground, ate food, played "Transformers", and had a pinata. Tyler actually enjoyed his party this year so maybe less really is more... and not to mention cheaper!

Birthday boy!
Look at all those Transformers!

Tyler was very proud of his new Optimus Prime toy.
Full of hot air?

Uh-oh, Tyler with a baseball bat....bad idea...

Give me the chocolate!

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go buy some gummy bears :/

Gotta love the swings!

What a cutie!

Tyler and Alexis
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