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Friday, January 1, 2010




Today Deke and I went and saw the movie "Avatar". At first I had absolutely NO interest in seeing this movie; mainly because I am not a big sci-fi fan. But after hearing many reviews and all of them positive, I decided I would check it out. We went to the new Palladio theater in EDH (which by the way sucked!) and viewed the movie in 3-D. The graphics were absolutely amazing and I really couldn't find anything about this movie that I didn't like. Well...scratch that... the random and very weird "love" scene with over sized blue creatures did taint the movie a bit. ANYWAYS, from the time the humans entered the Avatar world I kept thinking one similar this movie is to the 1992 movie "Fern Gully". Lets review similarities: 1) Human man entering a world of creatures that are not of his kind. 2) The inhabitants of the land love and are connected to all living things and the earth of which they roam. 3) Man and creatures come together to stop the other humans who are trying to destroy the rainforest. 4) Creatures revolve their life around a tree. 5) And this is my favorite similarity...Man stops bulldozer from destroying this beloved tree. 6) and we can't forget this falls in love with the main character creature who is also the leaders daughter. Hmmm.... So from what I've heard James Cameron starting making this film in 1993, one year after Fern Gully was made. People think that he geniusly made up this movie when I think that he took the plot straight from the 1992 animated film.
Now don't get me wrong, Avatar is a really good movie. Its full of action and has amazing graphics. I just think its funny how similar these two movies are.
So in the end I would recommend this movie. I wouldn't however recommend taking a child to see this movie. The blue people are pretty much naked the whole time and there is that strange love scene. Plus its 2 1/2 hours long and I know my kid can't sit for that long.
If you see this movie please tell me if you see the similarities, I'd love to know!
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Tricia said...

I just saw this movie with my husband last night, you are so right! My husband kept telling me over and over that the plot is not original. I loved your review! I agree, the naked people and love scene were a little disturbing, but overall I really liked the movie too.

SheilaHammer said...

this is so funny and SO true! I would've never thought of this! haha I told my husband and we came up with even more similarities-soooo weird.

Amy Beatty said...

WOw, love scene, I had no idea. my honey took my 7 year to it. I really don't care to see it but I will, just so I can see what everyone is talking about.

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