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Monday, February 1, 2010

Due to reason's I'd rather not explain I'm considering making my blog private ((cringe)). Its something I never wanted to do because I reallllllly hate blocked blogs and usually just stop looking at them once made private. I guess I'm afraid that if I make my blog private that people will stop looking at it and all my posts will be wasted time (or at least an on-line journal). So let me ask this... if I make my blog private, will you still look at it???
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Corizzle said...

your blog gets sent to my phone automatically, so i have no choice. lol, just kidding. :) yes, i'll still read it.

Bryan Larson said...

I'll only read it if I have access to it. :)

Lisa said...

I'd still log on and read your blog. Once you're logged on to your own blog, it's not difficult to view private blogs. I think it's more of a hassle for people who don't have a blog and have to sign in every time.

But I hear you on the inconvenience of private blogs. I went private for about a week then opened it back up because I know I have quite a few annonymous readers, and I want others to be able to enjoy what I write about. You have to weight the consequences.

Amy Beatty said...

Don't leave me... unless you REALLY have too!

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