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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funnel FUN!

So I'll confess that we aren't the best at having family home evening every week. In fact when we do have it it's because Tyler is begging us to do it. Its hard because Deke isn't home very often and is never home on Monday nights. So we decided to have FHE today, Tuesday, because we all happen to be home. I thought it would be fun to make some funnel cakes just like ones you find at the Fair. The recipe was actually extremely simple and they were fun and easy to make. After making a HUGE mess in the kitchen and eating WAY too many calories we played some Go Fish and called it a night.
Ain't she a BEAUTY?!?
We attempted pouring the batter through a funnel but it was too thick and came out too slowly, which would then over cook the cake. We found it easier to pour through a plastic bag.

Tyler enjoying his funnel goodness
Deke made me a heart shaped funnel cake :) Ain't it cute?
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1 comment:

Amy Beatty said...

I'm coming to your house!! I have yet left a fair and not bought one of those sweet babies.

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