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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cake Decorating Classes!

Deke and I are taking a cake decorating class. That's right, I didn't studder... a cake decorating class. I signed up first because its something I've always wanted to do and Michael's is FINALLY offering classes again. When I came home and told Deke about it he decided (yes HE decided) that he wanted to take it with me. Its our official "date night" every Tuesday night. Last week was our first class but it was mainly instructions; this week we actually got to decorate a cake. First we practiced different designs on our practice boards and after mastering the rose bud, writing, and star we got to do a "picture transfer". This is where you preselect a picture and using piping gel trace the picture onto parchment paper. Once completely traced you lay the paper on the cake and lightly rub. Finally we just filled the picture in with stars. It is a very easy technique. We're loving this class and highly recommend couples taking it together... its manly I swear!
I honestly felt like I was bringing the entire kitchen with us to class lol
Deke working on his "practice board"

This is all we were able to accomplish in the class, the rest we did at home.

Deke was so proud of himself.

The finished project!!!

Keep an eye out for next weeks project!

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1 comment:

Amy Beatty said...

Yum, you guys are good.

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