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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Camp Richardson, Lake Tahoe!

We try to go camping at least once a year and this year we thought we'd check out Camp Richardson in Lake Tahoe. I had driven past it many times but had never actually been there. The campsites were super nice and clean and they had showers! I was really excited about the showers. Deke and I drove up of Friday morning before everyone else so we could enjoy a hike together. We hiked Eagle Falls all the way up to Eagle Lake. I had heard of it before but this was our first time hiking it. I couldn't believe that I have been to Tahoe several times a year since I was a kid and never had been there before. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! After that we met up with everyone to set up camp. It was a blast and I hope we can do it again soon!

On our hike...

We really enjoyed seeing all the wild life up at Eagle Lake.

Deke bought an old 35mm Nikon camera and we took the opportunity to compare his and mine. I just have a simple Nikon digital, here are the results... this first one is from my camera

This second one is from his, (I think mine is better) hehe...

Enjoying Eagle Lake!

This lake was so clean and pure, I just wanted to jump in!

There Deke is with his new camera..

Camp fire time!

Here's Tyler throwing a fit. I don't even remember what it was about.

Saturday morning cartoons on the Ipod!

Fishing in the Tahoe Keys. We were told it was better than fishing in the lake but we still didn't catch anything.

Here is their attempt to fish in Emerald Bay and again, no luck.

Lower Eagle Falls

Admiring Emerald Bay

And we couldn't camp at Camp Richardson without stopping at their famous ice cream shop!

This bad boy was mine and quite delicious!

I'm going to admit right now that I threw most of the sundae in the trash. I couldn't handle it!

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1 comment:

Amy Beatty said...

I love LOVE Tahoe!! And the ice cream shop is always calling my name there or anywhere for that matter.

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