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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day 2010

On Labor Day this year Tyler participated in a parade at the Diamond Springs Country Bazaar. He's in an after school program called The Boys and Girls Club and they were put in charge of the parade this year. Tyler arrived a few hours early so he could assist in painting the horse and preparing the float. It was a pretty rink-a-dink parade but Tyler had so much fun, he loved being on the float and throwing candy at the crowds. After the parade fun we headed home for our traditional BBQ and swim. It was a good day! (but then again, any day that I'm not working and spending time with my family is a good day! :))

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Amy Beatty said...

How fun for him. I love the boys and girls club.

Sara Marie said...

yeeee-haaawww! So cute! My blog is back. Woot!

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