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Friday, February 18, 2011

One of the many reasons why I love my job

This year will be my 5 year anniversary with Blue Shield of California and I must say that it is a great company to work for. I could bore you with a long list of perks that come with my job, but I won't. Instead I'm going to share just one - "the walking work station". That's right, we have treadmills attached to desks that we can use while we work. Awesome? VERY! Today I did my first session at the station for one hour. With my busy schedule its hard for me to find time for regular workouts so I find this newest addition at Blue Shield to be quite marvelous! 

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Angee & Isaac said...

still think this is a waste!! 5 years wow! i guess i didnt realize it was that long! i had my 6 yr anniv in nov.

Nikki said...

Are you serious!! I would be soooo all over that! Can you actually function on the computer while doing the treadmill, that's a lot of bouncing for your eyes??!

In a nut shell... said...

lol I did get a little dizzy from all the reading, typing, and writing, but it just takes getting used to!

Giuliana said...

this is a very good idea! I'd love it!
I'm from Italy and believe me when I say that we can only dream of things like this! You're lucky!

Ps. I really love your blog, I read it everyday and I can't wait for new posts!

MissRockwell said...

That is definitely a fabolous addition! Seeing as how most of my pounds are gained by sitting around snacking all day at work, I think (ALOT) of people at my job would benefit from having those installed. I'm going to the suggestion board RIGHT NOW!!

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