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Saturday, June 11, 2011

baseball, party, car show... what a day!

Today was Tyler's last baseball game of 2011! Luckily we got beautiful weather which was a concern considering this season was full of rain, cold, hail, and SNOW! Spring sports are so unpredictable when it comes to the forecast! After the last game the team headed over to Cameron Park Lake for the end of season party. They had pizza, cupcakes, and received a cute little trophy for all their hard work. Then they all headed to the swimming hole to play for the remainder of the time. 

 I LOVE this one of Tyler. I might need to frame it! 

Partyyyyy time! 

 Here is Tyler receiving his trophy from his coach
 YAY Yankee's! 

Time to swim and build sand castles! 

 Before the game we went to visit Deke at a local car show. The fire departments always attend the community events. We were able to walk around and have lunch together :)
 Deke looks exactly the same in both pictures. I thought that was funny. 

From am to pm this has been an eventful day! I can't wait to just curl up on the couch and relax! 
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