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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A story for the grandkids....

Last night we had the privilege to attend the Motley Crue and Poison concert in San Francisco. My friend is dating the head bass player of Motley Crue and was able to score us some tickets and VIP passes. Awesome right? Deke and my brother David were like children going to Disney Land - SO EXCITED!!! The concert was amazing! 

Here is Brett Michaels of Poison. 

David and Deke enjoying the show! 

Nikki Sixx's dressing room! 

 We hung out with Nikki Sixx in his dressing room for a bit while he was preparing to go on stage. He was so down to earth and hospitable! I know it looks like he's afraid to touch my shoulder but he had make-up in his arm and didn't want to get it on my clothes. So considerate! 

 Here is the man himself on stage! 

They had lots of pyrotechnics! Even from a distance you could feel the heat! 

That ferris wheel looking thing on stage was like a circular roller coaster. Tommy Lee's drum set was attached to it and he went in circles while playing! It was so entertaining! 

Love birds at the show♥

I loved this disco-ball piano that Tommy Lee is playing. Here they are singing "Home Sweet Home". I was told that Nikki had written that song when he was only 17. Impressive!!! 

Tommy Lee upside down playing his drums! 

 Deke, me, Courtney, David 

 It was also kinda fun just people watching. This concert attracted ALL sorts of interesting looking creatures. 
Exhibit A: 
Exhibit B: 

Here is a short video of Tommy Lee on his drum set roller coaster! I loved it!

"Home Sweet Home"

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Lisa said...


Nikki said...

YOu wild crazy kids! Yet another think Adam and Deke have in common...hard music! He probably would have LOOOOVED to go to this! LOL!

The Gilberts said...

Super rad! Justin was like --- what thaaaa--- so jealous!

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