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Monday, November 7, 2011

All Hallows Eve

"Witches flying through the sky, on their broomsticks way up high, black cats howl as they go by for this is HALLOWEEN!" One of the songs we sing throughout the month of October. Love it. 

We of course went to Apple Hill to get our pumpkin. 

Tyler carved a vampire and Deke carved the Joker. Curses for not taking a picture of the finished project! 

Tyler made a spooky haunted house

Tyler and cousin Kyla at Trunk or Treat. 

Our traditional Halloween dinner - Mummy dogs. Yup, realllll nutritious. 

Such a cute Captain America! 

Ok, so here is the one picture I got of Tyler's vampire pumpkin *cough* yeah a week later. If you look closely you might even see the mold. 
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