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Monday, November 21, 2011

Spoiled kids make it hard for me to parent

I don't live in a rich area, I need to get that straight right now. Sure, we live in a nice area but I would classify our town as 'middle class', not upper class. Yet for some reason all the kids at my sons elementary school have cell phones, and ipods, and ipads, and probably credit cards for all I know. Mind you my son is eight. When I was eight I could distinctly remember asking for a tea set.... aaand probably a dog for Christmas BUT I always felt my lists to Santa were reasonable. This year Tyler thinks he deserves... no better yet, is entitled to a slew of items that are WAY beyond my budget. Well, even if I could afford it I wouldn't get him what he's asking for because what eight year old needs the following: 

Tyler's Christmas list to Santa:  

1) Please, a dirt bike
2) Please, an ipod
3) Please, an itouch
4) Please, an Xbox 360
5) Please, a cell phone
6) Please, a TV
7) Please, a ipad

I guess he figures if he says 'please' before each item that Santa will be more inclined to give it to him. When I asked him why he was asking for so many BIG items he said, "because all the kids at school have them". I explained that most of these items were unreasonable and he seemed to understand. It's just unfortunate to me that he thinks he needs them because his peers have them. Why do 3rd graders have cell phones???  I think I just need to find a way to humble my children while surrounded by so many spoiled kids. 

Here are a few funny comics I found on the subject :) 

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