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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Santa Cruz 2012

Its going to be hard to plan any sort of outings this summer with my husband in paramedic school but we had one weekend where Deke AND Tyler were out of school at the same time. We took advantage of that and went to Santa Cruz for a long weekend. 

  Day 1 was beach fun

They found lots of sand crabs! 

A little chilly for the baby so I kept him nice and bundled. 

He kept me warm too 

Some of our friends were at the beach the same day we were so we met up for a while 

Broderick with papa 

My boys ♥

View of the boardwalk from the pier 

Day 2 Boardwalk fun 

This was the worst ride ever. Notice how I'm double checking my latch to make sure its secure? Oh and see my terrified face. Yeah, I knew I was in trouble here. 

Ha, again I'm the only one who looks scared. Figures. 

Ok how much of a paranoid mom am I? I have one arm around Tyler and the other holding onto Deke. I wanted to make sure no one fell out! 

The swings are my favorite! 

There was about one hour in the day that was hot. The log ride was perfect for a quick cool down! 

Tyler and I on the roller coaster 

We went on the Carousel the most of all the rides. We LOVED grabbing the rings and throwing them into the clowns mouth, just like the ride is supposed to be like! 

Broderick was a doll on this trip. So content and happy while we carted him around. 

I thought it was so cute how he was looking out the mesh sides. 

Day 3 fishing and pier 

Another great view of the boardwalk 

Lots of cute seals to look at! 

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