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Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer to-do list

1. Rivercats game
2. Glow night swim
3. Make slime
4. Go on a picnic
5. Go to the lake
6. Paint a picture
7. Balloon tennis
8. "Ding-Dong" ditch someone (leave treat)
9. Create a holiday
10. Fly a kite
11. Go to the community pool
12. Go geocaching
13. Mini-marshmallow construction
14. Drive-in movies
15. Write a letter
16. Make marshmallow shooters
17. Go to the beach
18. Make taffy
19. S'mores
20. Have a pool party
21. Play baseball
22. Go to the movies
23. Kayaking
24. Decorate a cake
25. Go on a hike 

With only a few days left of school I felt it time to make our summer plans. Let the fun begin! 
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