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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Avenger party!

My not-so-little Tyler just turned 9 years old on September 25th! We celebrated the Saturday before with a swim party with his friends. Luckily we are having an Indian summer so it was still beastly HOT and the water was great. 

Gotta have a pinata! 


Present time 

Kids love water balloons! 

The Avenger cake! 

 Full of hot air 

Although I expect perfection when I make a cake, I rarely ever get it. I am however proud of this one, flaws  in all. I'm sure its obvious but the first layer is Captain America, the second layer is The Hulk, and the hammer is for Thor. I know I'm missing Iron Man but I really didn't care to tackle that much red fondant. 

My husband made the Thor hammer with rice crispy treats and modeling chocolate. I think he did a great job! 

I wish I had pictures of the fun games and kids swimming but my camera broke at the party. (I seriously have horrible luck with cameras) 
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1 comment:

Angela said...

So cute, my boys would love an Avengers cake!

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