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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween cakes

I made two cakes for this Halloween. This first one was for my brothers birthday. I hope that someday I can plan to have a baby in October because I was always so jealous of my brothers birthday parties in October. There is SO much you can do to make them fun! 

Spiderweb cake

I don't like the spider on top. I would forgo next time or make it another color. 

Sewer Rat Cake
The second cake was for my work "creepy dessert contest". My hubby and I teamed up on this one and decided to make a sewer rat on top of a big block of cheese. He made the rat out of sculpted rice crispy and modeling chocolate. The whiskers are fishing line. 

The man hard at work. 

The cake was two 9" yellow round cakes with almond cream frosting and marshmallow fondant. My part and nice and simple. 

I think above all this cake was extremely unique and we won first place :) 

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1 comment:

Tricia said...

That rat cake was awesome! You guys rock the cakes!

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