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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

WOW! Can you believe that 2010 is almost over?! This month has been SUPER busy for us (like always). My sister and her family visited from Wyoming, we celebrated 3 family birthdays, did LOTS of holiday baking, made crafts, made Christmas gifts, went to 6 parties, and I made LOTS of cakes, seen HERE and HERE. I hope everyone had a wonderful, spiritual, and lovely Christmas too! Here are a few of our highlights:

Tyler had the opportunity to go on the Polar Express with Deke. Believe it or not this is the only decent picture Deke took of the entire event. If I were there I would of taken a picture of their faces for sure!
We went to our ward Christmas party and Tyler got to see Santa Clause!
In Orangeville there is a culdesac called Dove Court and its well known for its outlandish display of lights. We went with my girlfriend Tiana and her daughter Hailey. I've taken Tyler to this spot every year since birth but it was a first for Hailey. They loved it!

We celebrate 3 birthdays the week of Christmas. My dad turned the BIG 6-0 on December 21st.
My niece Jenna turned 3 on December 22nd...
And my nephew Travis turned 5 on December 23rd.
The kids celebrated their birthdays on the same day with a Star Wars / Hello Kitty theme. My sister Cynthia made Travis's Death Star cake and I made Jenna's Hello Kitty cake.
Here is my parents 13 foot tree they got from the Dold's Christmas tree farm for only $36 bucks! Its probably the prettiest looking tree they've ever gotten... and you can't beat the price!
PS... this picture was taken BEFORE Santa came. When you have a big family Christmas just looks ridiculous.
Here's Tyler and his cousins anxiously awaiting the arrival of their next girl cousin (no-name yet) due February 28th!
The kids loved the pillows I made them!
Here is our Christmas Eve MAYHEM!
The kids ready for bed and can't wait for Santa to come!
I read them "T'was the Night Before Christmas" and a few other Christmas books before the lights went out.
Christmas morning! The kids look tired but they were very excited!
Santa brought Tyler another bike! Hopefully no cars run over this one!
Tyler thought it was funny that he got a few lumps of coal in his stocking. I told him Santa must of thought he was a little bit naughty but not enough to get a stocking full of coal. Don't worry, he got plenty of goodies in his stocking as well...
Tyler picked up this new habit from Grandpa Hyde: Trying to guess his presents by placing them against his forehead. Grrrrrreat.

Since we travel a lot I got Tyler this new suit case. Its a Pottery Barn suit case originally $130.00 that I only paid $12 bucks for! Impressed? I sure was! The reason I got it so cheap was because it was pre-embroidered with the name "Josh", so I just placed an American flag patch over it and VOILA!
I think Jenna liked her new chap-stick lol

Look HERE to see Tyler's Christmas list and then you'll understand this shirt.
Boys and their toys!
Tyler and Travis were seriously jealous of Jenna's "girl" toys.
'Till next year! ♥
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Amy Beatty said...

Merry Christmas indeed! You are so lucky to have so much family around.

Angee & Isaac said...

omg i laughed SO hard when i read the part about tyler putting his presents up to his forehead ;)

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