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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowman POOP!

"You've been naughty this year so here's the scoop, all you get for Christmas is this snowman Poop!"
This is what I gave my sunbeams today after class, snowman poop. Idea from this site. I tried to find a more friendly poem but snowman poop is simply classified as something nicer than coal on the Internet. So I just added the disclaimer before handing them out that they are NOT naughty, I just made them for fun. They are a great bunch of kids and today was our second to last Sunday with them! :( We have 13 sunbeams but rarely ever have 100% attendance. Since we've been given the calling the only time we've had all the kids was for the primary program. Of course I forgot my camera THAT day! So today, being Christmas Sunday, I was hoping everyone would attend primary so I could catch a few pictures of our darling bunch. Unfortunately, we were still missing a few kids but I figured as time is running short I should capture the moment regardless. So here are the cute kids I'm always talking about!

Left to right: Tyler, Daniel, Jonah, Noah, Eli, Shannon, Spencer, Sana, and Lucy. (and Deke's hand)
Gotta have a silly picture!
This little jumping bean is known to us as Lucy-Goosey. She is quite the wiggle worm and loves to hang ALL over Deke every Sunday. I just keep telling him its preparing him for when he has daughters of his own. lol

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