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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walk a mile in her shoes

Yesterday Deke and I had the pleasure to support the Women Center for Violence up in Placerville for their 9th annual "Walk a mile in her shoes" charity walk. The event started with a delightful pancake breakfast then followed with an amazing presentation. They had great speakers which included Sheriff D'Agostini and a beautiful musical performance by his daughter Marina D'Agostini - who wrote the songs that she sang. 
One of the main focuses for this event was to teach us about the "bystander effect" and how so many people could have been saved if someone who was witnessing the crime would of spoken up. They showed us a clip from the TV show "What would you do" about a drunken girl (actress) and a man who starts taking advantage of her in the middle of the bar (the man was also an actor). The point of this video was to see how the bystanders would react in this situation. It was amazing to see hero's step up and protect this complete stranger. But it was also disheartening to see some men actually encourage the actor in his assault. Here is the video if you are interested in watching 
This is an event that Deke has wanted to do for years. Every year as it approaches he starts hitting the thrift shops and shoe stores in hopes he will score a pair of size 16 women high heel pumps. Again, this year he was unable to find what he needed to participate in this walk. So, I emailed my HR department at work and asked if they had a pair of VERY big womens shoes I could borrow. (Blue Shield is sponsor for this charity, thats why they had shoes!). Luckily they had a size 12 which were a little small but with the open toes it would work! 

Here is Deke suiting up for the walk.. 
 He had to practice his strut before heading out
 Here is the presentation before the walk 
 Marina D'Agostini playing her beautiful music
 Close up of the shoes 
 Like Deke wasn't tall enough! Here we are just before leaving for the walk. Ignore my peacock hair, I had just rolled out of bed! 
 Here are the men from the Blue Shield team! Showing leg and all!!! 
 And here we go! 
 This guy went ALL out. Fishnet stockings, dress, wig, heels, and makeup! I'm glad Deke didn't want to go extreme... 
 In full swing! 

 These shoes belong to the Vice President of Customer Operations at Blue Shield. He not only bought new shoes but even bedazzled them! Although, I think socks should be forbidden for the men. After all, what woman actually wears socks with heels? Certainly not I! 

Deke and I decided last night that this charity is our charity. Not only because we always find ourselves at events for the center but because its such an important awareness that can not be ignored. 1 out of 3 women are sexually abused in their lifetime - 1 OUT OF 3!!! Thats huge! Just think about your family and how many women you know. This means someone close to you has or will be effected. Its frightening to think about but there is something you can do. Visit this link and look into ways you can help your community and save strangers, family, friends, daughters, and mothers. 

“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.”
Martin Luther King Jr 

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1 comment:

Angee & Isaac said...

wonderful post kimmy. it was great to see you and deke(and finally meet him!) at the walk. i thought the presentation was great and it was so nice of them to make breakfast for everyone! i was thinking, maybe you should join Shield Cares? Youd fit right in! Looking forward to the breast cancer walk next weekend :)

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