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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

The weekend started off with Tyler's baseball game Saturday morning - bright and early! After that we headed to the Placerville Fairgrounds for their community "Eggstravaganza"! They had several egg hunts for kids, food, bounce houses, live music, games, crafts, face painting... and it was all FREE! 

 The nice thing about this event was it wasn't overly crowed. I've been to the community egg hunts in Folsom and Cameron Park and there are WAY too many people at those events. I really enjoyed the short lines and mild crowd sizes. 
 Making some crafts! 

 Check out the air he's getting! 
 Tug-of-war! This game was SO funny! They had all the children against 3 grown men. The kids had the men dragging on the ground in defeat. I wish I had it on tape! 

 Tyler helped me make the cupcakes for my sunbeams. 
 I got totally lazy with these ones... I had planned on making them into baskets :-/ 
 Coloring eggs! 

 We finished our Easter Eve with some home movies. Look how cute my brother Brian is on the TV! I believe he was about 5 at the time. 
 And what would Easter be without Trifle! 
 Tyler's goodies from the Easter bunny! 

 His new educational books ;) 
 Deke just getting home from his shift on Easter morning. 
 Check out this cute little BUNNY (not mouse) made out of bread! 
 Part of the Easter gang
 Courtney and David
 Another egg hunt

♥ Family photo ♥
 My husband is so seductive lol 
 Here is Tyler holding his cousin Kyla for the first time! 
 This is my friend Courtney and I, we have known each other since birth! It was great to have her and her mother come visit for Easter! 
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Nikki said...

Awesome pix! Yes, he would be even MORE seductive with those sunglasses on, you know the ones I"m talking about!! UGH! Adam wore them our entre vacation and kept making uh, faces, with them on! He was grossing me out so bad!

In a nut shell... said...

LOL yeah right... thats how you got pregnant and you know it!

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