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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My pregnancy survival

I am 30 weeks today and I can't believe that my "d-day" is so quickly approaching! Being pregnant is hard work, especially when you're older. Not that 28 is old but I had my last when I was 19 and the difference is quite drastic! I wanted to post some of my favorite things that have helped me survive pregnancy thus far. Starting with:

Canned Chicken. Everyone knows that you can't have seafood while you're pregnant and not just for the mercury but for the bacteria as well. Did you know that included processed lunch meat? It has been so hard cutting that out of my diet so this has been a great substitute. All I'd do is strain the chicken, throw in mayo, celery, red onions, and maybe some alfalfa sprouts and voila - a delicious pregnancy approved sandwich. I've eaten countless cans of this stuff - thank goodness they sell it at Costco!

When I was pregnant last time (age 19 mind you), I had some back pain in the very end but I never experienced the "zingers" I've had the entire stretch this time. You know, those sharp tortuous pains in the lower back? The ones that come from doing nothing and pretty much collapse you? Yeah those. Some days are definitely worse than others but this next one really helped relieve some of that pain:
Maternity Yoga 

I love this yoga movie. Its only about 30 minutes long and provides safe, helpful relief to any pains you might be having. I got it on Amazon for under $10 - can't beat that. Plus, it has a section for post pregnancy yoga which I will be doing in about 10 weeks!

My next maternity fav has been this 3-panel tank top which I wear under EVERYTHING! As you can see its completely designed for the growth throughout your entire pregnancy AND to wear after. "Pregnancy belly shape wear girdle made for any pregnant mom before, during, and after pregnancy."
 I got mine off a website called for about $16 but here is the direct website. LOVES IT!

Cozy Belly Features Chart

I realize now that I have not posted one picture of myself pregnant. Probably because those mostly all get posted on facebook. So here is a picture taken today - 30 weeks down, 10 to go!
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Lisa said...

Cute! I've had a can of that chicken in my pantry for a while. Now you give me an idea of what to do with it. =)

dvcfh said...

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Nikki said...

So cute!

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