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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter Sunday was the two week mark of our little baby Broderick being in the NICU. The hardest part was trying to be with both my kids on this holiday and then feeling guilty when I was without one. I started my day off with a visit at the hospital. I stayed for two feedings, took some cute pictures, then headed home to have Easter with Tyler.

This beanie was Tyler's Eater cap when he was a baby. A little big for Broderick but still cute! 

Broderick is known for having "naughty hands" because he is always pulling out his feeding tube. Here he is without the tube, I had to get a pic before they put a new one in. 

Easter at home with Tyler! 

Cousin Kyla was really interested in the goodies for the boys from grandma. 

All lined up and ready for the Easter egg hunt. Smallest to tallest of course. 

We let Kyla have a head start. They boys seemed concerned about that. 

We tried to get one more group shot but Kyla was only concerned with stealing Tyler's eggs. Jonathan seemed ok with that! 

The "Golden Egg!" 

Can't wait for next Easter when we can ALL celebrate together as a family! 
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