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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Home Evening

As I have mentioned in the past we don't always do FHE on Monday's. Well... I shouldn't say that because we almost always have a lesson on Monday night but Deke is never home. Unfortunately every semester he ends up with a class on Monday night. So aside from our lessons on Monday's we occasionally have a mid week family activity, its another FHE for the Madsen's. Lately I have become obsessed with craft blogs and I've found tons of projects I would love to attempt someday. Today we are attempting a project from a great new blog I found, see here for the original tutorial.

For materials I bought one t-shirt (the other we already had), 2 cans of spray paint, and painters tape. All together I spent about $17
Tyler created this design all by himself. He was quite proud!
And we paint!

Tyler stuck a piece of tape to Deke's booty when he was bent over. I was able to snap a pic before he removed it lol

Tyler "helping" Deke with his shirt

Taking funny pictures of Tyler while we waited for Deke to finish up.
TA-DA!!!! This was our first time ever doing this and I think that Tyler's turned out
He can't wait to wear his "new" shirt to school tomorrow!
If you can't already tell by Deke's face, he was not satisfied with his end results. I think it turned out just fine!
This is a FUN and inexpensive (especially if you already have the shirts!) project that all ages can enjoy. We will definitely do this again!
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1 comment:

Kira said...

WOW! What a great idea! There turned out so cool! I may have to try these for the boys!

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