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Friday, October 22, 2010


Did you know that my cute husband has a cute blog too? He started it when we started dating but didn't do much with it...until now! He's becoming quite the little blogger! Late last night I asked if he was coming to bed, his response: "Yeah in a minute, I wanna blog first". Ok, I think its really cute. He calls it his "MAN BLOG". He wants it to be about man projects, parenting lessons, and well... just MAN stuff. Are you intrigued yet? Check it out HERE and become a follower!
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1 comment:

Amy Beatty said...

I love your Halloween. It is kind of nice for once to have Halloween on a Sunday after all those activities to be able to relax before the work week. I love love your outfit - I had totally forgot about that girl, she was so funny. You fit the role perfectly xo

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