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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I had to laugh...

Ok, so I know I already posted today but I had to laugh to see how my parents were handling their trick-or-treaters this year. My parents only receive 2-10 trick-or-treaters a year, this year only 3. Unfortunately my parents don't live in a lively, high traffic, trick-or-treating neighborhood. There aren't sidewalks, no street lamps, lots of hills, steep driveways, and STAIRS, LOTS of stairs! Usually my mom likes to make it worth wild for the few kids that they get. When we moved here it started out as big hand fulls of candy, then she went on to buy full size candy bars, this year she decided to give out entire packages of candy to EACH child! Normally a child gets one maybe two pieces per house but not when they come to the Hyde household, you really get hooked up there! Keep that in mind my local friends ;-D

These are the packages she handed out. The kids got to pick their favorite and were shocked when she put the whole package in their sacks.
My dad opened the balcony and put spooky Halloween music blaring out the door. That with the Giants game in the background I'm shocked he even heard the door bell!
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