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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Noodle Legs

For FHE this past Monday we finally fulfilled our yearly tradition of going ice skating. Tyler had been bugging me for weeks to take him but I kept putting it off because its SO dang expensive. Deke and Tyler both suggested we buy our own skates so we can at least avoid the rental cost every year. I think I'll be spending my time on craigslist looking for good deals before next years outing! Who knows, maybe with our own skates we'll feel like going more than once a year :)

I told Tyler that he has "noodle legs". Every time he tried skating without help his legs wiggle and wobble all over the place! Its pretty funny.

It looks like Deke is about to take a nasty fall right here but in fact he was attempting to skate on one leg.
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Angee & Isaac said...

BOOOO! type in a diff color! cant read!

Angee & Isaac said...

good idea about buying your own skates.. one thing you guys might enjoy too is roller skating. i LOVE roller skating and used to be a speed skater all through high school :) you can pick up roller skates for cheap too (ew, who wants to put their feet in those grimey things anyways!) if you want, maybe i could tag along ;)

Amy Beatty said...

love the one leg skate!! So fun. My kids were just crying to go tonight, but my honey is snowboarding tonight and there was no way I could help all three without him. You look perfectly wintery and cute in your coat.

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