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Saturday, September 28, 2013

SF Giants Birthday Party

Mr. Tyler turned 10 and wanted to celebrate with a "Giant" birthday party! We took the kids to Sky High for an hour of trampoline fun and then came home for lunch and cake. He was only allowed to invite a few of his closest friends since we were paying per person at Sky High. It was so pleasant having a little group of kids. Everyone got along great and had a ton of fun. Although, have you noticed that this is the age where boys begin to really stink? They haven't quite learned the concept of controlling body odor yet and after an hour of bouncing they were all pretty ripe! WooooWe!


Party favors - Sunflower seeds and Big Chew! 
I wanted to include a box of Cracker Jacks but couldn't find any.
 Place settings

Baseball cake. 
A giant ball on a baseball diamond 

  Birthday boy
 The crew enjoying a pizza lunch

Snazzy gifts

Make a wish!

Spoiled little brat got $130 from family and friends. Can I get a loan? lol

Bunch of goofballs 

 A few bouncing pictures from Sky High!

Dodge ball!!!

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